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Solar Panel Identification-SPID

We are the credible suppliers of RFID solar tags, RFID readers and other RFID smart solutions. We have available of RFID solar tags that are used in several applications for solar RFID traceability. These RFID solar Tags for solar RFID traceability are designed by our expert professionals and thoroughly checked by our quality analysts to ensure the distribution of only the assured quality RFID solar tags to our clients.

MNRE Guidelines

  • Each PV module used in any solar power project must use a RFID tag for identification.
  • The RFID tag used on each module can be inside or outside the laminate and withstand harsh environment conditions.
  • The RFID tag should last for 25 years.
  • Each RFID tag must be encoded with the name of the module manufacturer and the solar cells; the month, year and country of manufacture for the module and the cells; The module's technical characteristics, such as its wattage and expected performance statistics; and a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.

Information mentioned in the RFID TAG used on each solar panel

  • Name of the manufacturer of PV module
  • Name of the manufacturer of solar cells
  • Unique Serial No and Model No of the module
  • Date and year of achieving IEC PV module ability certificate
  • Name of the test lab issuing IEC certificate
  • Each PV module used in any solar power project must use a RF identification tag. The ensuing information must be mentioned in the RFID used on each module (This can beinside or outside the laminate, but must be eligible to withstand harsh environmental conditions.)
  • Month and year of the production (separately for solar cells and module).
  • Country of origin (separately for solar cells and module)
  • I-V curve for the module
  • Wattage, Im, Vm and FF for the module
  • Other casual information on traceability of solar cells and module as per ISO 9000
  • S/W for personalization using desktop RFID reader
  • All the data as MNRE guidelines is encoded into the RFID tags.

Features of SPID

  • Developed in Desktop & mobile platform
  • Reader integration with Sun simulator
  • Tag writes with USB reader
  • Mobile read, write & verification
  • Item-level identification & visibility
  • IV curve of individual panel on-demand

Sample IV Curve

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